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Hey Now

Upbeat w/ Hook


Not Easy

Upbeat Singer-Songwriter


About Bertie

I’m Bertie. Over the last few years I went to Oxford University, got a job in finance, and then realised that it was all making me unhappy. So, I decided to quit and do what I’ve been doing since I was about 11, write songs! I’m putting 12 of them out this year.

At 18, just 2 days after finishing my A-Levels, I played a gig at Glastonbury Festival with my previous solo project. Recording under the name Ben Izak, I built a modest but dedicated following that enabled me to chart at No. 4 on the Israeli album charts.

Now, under the name Bertie, I write and record all of my material in my bedroom with my best friend.My debut, Hey Now, has had over 10,000 streams in just 4 months and my follow up Alien led me to being interviewed and receiving radio play on BBC introducing.

It would be such an honour to have my music used as a sync. I hope you like my songs!

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