Brian Cattigan

Solo Artist | Stirling





While We Lay

Acoustic Pop


I Can’t Be That One You Want

Upbeat Rock


About Brian Cattigan

I have played in bands for years, mainly the capuletts. We played a lot of good venues in Scotland and the highlight being The ABC in Glasgow.


I then moved onto my solo stuff and enlisted the help of my drummer/pianist Iaian Kirkpatrick (who still plays with me now).

Again, we played all over Scotland, playing a lot of good venues, but our highlight was headlining King Tuts Wah Wah Hut on a Saturday night in Glasgow.


After a few years, we took a break from all that and started doing cover gigs for a while.


In 2021 I released my first singles after stumbling across older songs of mine on sale at Amazing Radio. From there, i found out how to get songs onto Spotify, iTunes etc…


My first release, “Tell Me Something” was recorded in my practice room during lockdown. This was quite a cynical outlook on things and the way the world was.

It got to number 10 on the singer/songwriter chart on iTunes and was played on a lot of radio stations in UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia…. It also got a mention on the Chris Moyles show on Radio X which gave it a great push. It featured in a lot of reviews and playlists as well, so i was fairly delighted with how the first one went.


We decided to go for a full band effort for the next release and go into a Recording Studio and enlisted the help of a producer. “I Can’t Be That One You Want” (released Aug 24) did really well. This track was just about the main line that came into my head when I was driving about. So i recorded it into my phone and got round to writing it in June, where the main riff came to me as well. It was recorded at Waterfront Studios.


It got to number 8 in the singer/songwriter chart on iTunes and entered the main chart as well this time. Again, it was played on radio stations all over the world and had a lot of good reviews and featured on a lot of playlists and a company used it for their advert. It’s also the theme tune for the football podcast “The Bhoycie Bus”, which is really gaining momentum and recently recorded its 100th show.


“While We Lay” reached number 10 in the Singer/Songwriter Chart on iTunes and received a lot of airplay worldwide. It also received a lot of plays over all platforms and is currently being considered for a charity album which had thousands of entries. It has made it through the first stage so far.


We recorded “While We Lay” at the same session as “i can’t be that one you want”.

Again, its another shift from the last track. A much more chilled song, with guitars, bass, keys and strings. I really like this one. I wrote it 14 years ago after hearing a misinterpreted line on an American chat show and without sounding too mellow dramatic, its the version i always wanted to record. And its the best I’ve ever sang it, which is fortunate. Again, this song made into the top 10 of the singer/songwriter chart and it is now on a charity album for the Numberella Charity, which I’m fairly proud of.


I’m planning two releases for later in 2022.

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