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Into The Night

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Into The Night (Instrumental)

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About Foley

“I was born in Manchester to an Anglo/Irish family. Music was always there at every family gathering. One of my earliest memories is of singing Beatles songs with my Mum…”

James Foley grew-up with the Americana way of life, singing songs that were busy being born in the transatlantic port of Liverpool before travelling up the canal to Manchester’s immigrant communities. This music soaked into his soul and comes out full of flavour in the exciting songs of maturity the acclaimed songwriter is currently singing. With a new single and EP imminent, Foley is ready to step out of the lockdown shadows: “I’ve been recording using a mixture of live and remote techniques,” he reveals. “The process has opened my eyes to the ease, if you have the right musicians, of getting sessions done remotely. The lockdown has done me a favour in that sense – I’ve learned the value of doing things differently.”

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