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About Javis

Jeremiah Balintuma, AKA, JAVIS is a singer-songwriter hailing from North London. After bursting through in 2020, he’s established himself as one of the fiercest talents in the UK scene. To identify his music, he has a unique sound that blends with RnB & UK drill music.


Today, JAVIS is focusing on pursuing a career that will put his music on the map. He’s introduced a new sound wave of RnB-Drill. With this trend, he visualises a new path for RnB-Drill to emerge into the pop culture scene.But for this to happen, it will come with its own challenges by steering away from typical gang, violents stereotypes in music.

He’s on a mission to empower the youth of his generation, sending nothing but positive vibes through his music. Today, JAVIS has built up a reputation as one of the most promising young artists, pioneering R&B sound, influenced by drill music.

When JAVIS decided to pursue a career in music, he was determined to change perceptions from day 1. While at college, he found his style and created his own micro-niche genre, mixing electronic, pop, RnB-drill. Today, his music aims to capture the spirit of the youth by touching on universal feelings of love, self-doubt and discovery through adolescent years.

Last year, he released his breakout single “September”, which received a remarkable reception. JAVIS sent a powerful message, encouraging people to take the right path and to avoid being a victim of crime.

His latest release, “Away She Goes”, recorded at Roundhouse Studio is a love desire, with lyrics inspired by intimate feelings towards someone special.

2021 looks to be a banner year for JAVIS, with no plans to slow down anytime soon. With several projects on the horizon, he’s ready to stir up the music scene.

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