Jon Martin

Producer | Northamptonshire





Classical Instrumental

Stately Euphoric


Creepy Ambient Instrumental

Horror Soundtrack

Get It On (Modern Pop)

Pop Rock


Hard Rock Instrumental

Guitar Rock Inst.


Long Time Coming

70’s Pop Rock


Medieval Ambient Instrumental

Ye Olde Folk Song


Spooky Cave Ambient Instrumental

Mystery Soundtrack

Wishing Our Lives Away

Alt Indie


Wouldn’t Change A Thing

70’s Pop


About Jon Martin

Hi, I’m Jon Martin, a singer-songwriter, multi instrumentalist and record producer from Northamptonshire. I have 20 years of experience in writing, performing and producing.

I have a passion for songwriting and producing music in many different genres.


I am the owner of a recording studio and perform regularly for a live function band called Hypersonix, managed by Alive Network.


From the age of 6 I began my musical journey by learning to play the piano, and from there became classically trained on the instrument. I am also a drummer and guitarist, with guitar being the main instrument that I have performed live with over the years. I have toured the UK, France and Germany in various bands and ensembles, but in the last few years I primarily provide live music entertainment at private parties and weddings.


I love producing music commercially and for pleasure, and being a musician myself I understand the needs of an artist and the client.


I am a solo artist under my own name and I primarily create pop, rock and indie, with my latest album lending itself to a 70s pop vibe.


I have created ambient soundscapes, classical instrumentals, pop songs in the style of the 50s to the present day along with classic rock and metal.

Jon Martin Profile

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