Merlin Györy

Sound Alchemist | Leipzig, Germany





Army Without Soul

Ambient Dark Electro



Ambient Soundscape


Dark Days Will Pass

Synth lo-fi Pop


Dark Spaces

Ambience Dark


Electrolyte Snack

Upbeat Synth Rock


I Just Want You To Know

Lo-fi Hip-Hop Pop


Just Another Tuesday

Synth Groove Funk Bass


Light’em Up

Synth Instrumental


Scooby Snak

Lo-fi Haunting Synth



Ambient Dark Soundscape


The Open Sea

Ambient String Swells


The World Is On Fire

Down-tempo Synth Rock


About Merlin Györy

The German composer, artist, producer and educator Merlin Balduin Györy had his Beginnings as a DJ in the lively club scene in Berlin in the early 2000’s. He draws inspiration from an eclectic background of influences. In his Artist-Project “Cloudjumper” he reflects that love of creative amalgamation, as a mix of bedroom pop and instrumental music, with strong influences from earlier explorations of experimental ambient, hip hop, and electronic music, and the occasional hint of classical elements. In other Projects he builds bridges between cinematic soundscapes, epic orchestral scores, and Instrumental arrangements that feel organic, evocative, and more out of a dream than this world.

As Cloudjumper, Györy has written and produced two albums, one live LP three EP’s, and several singles and remixes. He has performed live both in Europe and North America and has been featured on several curated Spotify playlists and in collaboration with other artist.

As a composer, sound designer, song writer and audio consultant Györy has worked especially in the world of video games. He has collaborated with video game studios Threaks (creators of Beat Buddy, All I Have Is Time, and Battle Planet), Motion Twin (Dead Cells), Fjord Games (Dusk of D.A.W.N.), and Tiny Roar (Leisure Suit Larry – Wet Dreams Don’t Dry, Bomb Bots Arena).

He founded the Game Audio Meetup in Hamburg, a community dedicated to raising awareness about the craft of composition for video games, and to mutual support for composers. In this capacity, Györy has held teaching and speaking engagements on the psychology and application of video game audio, at Gamescom, Respawn, Soundtrack Cologne, Play Festival Hamburg, University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, SAE Institute. He taught a Game Audio Masterclass at the 2017 International Summer Academy for Film Music, Game Music and Sound Design, hosted by Media Sound Hamburg (MSH).

Györy’s ethos as an artist and creative professional is about building cultures of creative collaboration and supporting creative communities. In this spirit, he has developed a large body of music under a creative commons license, used in hundreds of videos across YouTube, Vimeo and other online platforms. He himself is grateful for the ongoing support of a generous community of artists and creatives, having had the pleasure and fortune to work alongside and learn from incredible people like Ben Burtt, Joe Kraemer, Youki Yamamoto, Than van Nispen, Yoan Laulan, Gareth Coker, Keeley Bumford, Bad Snacks, Franz Zimmer and many more inspiring artists and creatives.

“…I’ll be forever grateful to the people who’s hands lift me up, who’s courage and boldness inspires me to keep going, and who’s beauty and creativity I aspire to reach one day…”

~ Merlin Györy

Merlin Gyoery Clouds square

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