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Hit Me With A Reason

Alt Rock Punk


Emilio’s Monsters

Alt Rock Punk



Alt Rock Punk


About Tom Cat E and The Strays

Stray cat, cool sleek alley cat, A vivid tan, with mottled black, In soft moonlight, creeping back, To the scented nights of lilac! One eye of brown, one of blue, The shadows always welcome you, And you go where they take you, And yowl on the starlit avenue! Pretty cat, you stray alley cat, Upon a tall fence, singing scat, Free to roam when skies are black, Not caring if dawn ever gets back.

Tom cat E and The strays are a three piece band ,each member escaped from the pound through 2020/2021 and found each other in the back alleys of the Ousburn valley Newcastle. Over 12 months in a dark damp abandon back alley studio the three cats scratched out the music which is presented in the first single (Emilios Monster) as well as an EP,with the second single (Girl_X).

There wasn’t any particular pre script to the band , just three cats jamming out a group therapy sessions which fell into songs on the EP. Girl_X was recorded with one mike in a practice and was only played once, coming from a spontaneous jam, a captured moment.

The other tracks record at polestar studios, Emilios monsters is a rock n roll style live recording. The strays ,,Emilio Bassist and vocals. Andy drums and vocals.

Tom cat E guitarist and vocals..

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