How do I submit to briefs?

Once you have signed up for an account and followed the instruction in forwarding us your music, promotional photos and biography; simply head to any brief and click the “Apply Now” button … you can then choose from any of your uploaded tracks.


How long does it take to create an account

It will take just a few hours for us to personally check and upload your submitted files in verifying and completing your account.


I didn’t receive my registration / welcome email

Please double check you junk email folder. If it has vanished, feel free to contact us via any of the contact methods displayed on the website.


Do you give submission feedback?

We are a small team (Hi!) 🙂 I do personally check all tracks, promotional photos and biographies submitted. This, along with pitching and clearing music to clients is quite time consuming so unfortunately we can’t have in-depth conversations about general submissions. I will however reach out to you to discuss successful pitches if further info is needed etc. Artists will be notified on all successful pitches.


Can my songs be registered with a PRO?

Yes, that will be an additional income you receive from your PRO, on top of the full advertised licence fee that you receive from us.


Are licenses non-exclusive?

Yes, all of the licensing projects are non–exclusive.


I have a label / publisher, can I still pitch my music?

Yes, that is fine with us. Best to double check with your label / publisher also.


Do you collect my publishing royalties?

We don’t, however we can advise on which collection society to join depending on your territory.


When will I be paid for a placement?

This varies depending on the client placing the music. As soon as we receive the payment from the client (anywhere between 14 – 28 days upon invoice submission), the payment will then be forwarded to you immediately.


How do I create a brief?

Simply just click the “Let’s Discuss Projects” button within the Music Supervisors | Sync Agents section of the website and complete as much of the requested information as possible. Once this has been checked the brief will go live immediately.


 What labels/publishers do you work with?

We pitch and clear songs from major labels and publishers as well as independent rights holders.


 What music do you specialize in?

We represent all styles of music and personally check all information submitted to ensure data accuracy and the quality of submissions.


 Where are the artists based?

We welcome music from musicians, composers and artists from all over the world.


 What languages?

Feel free to brief in any language.


 How fast can you pitch and clear music?

We curate a playlist in only a few hours, but for a full music research we recommend 2-3 days. Music can be cleared normally within a few hours, or a maximum of 1-2 days.



For licensed music we charge you when the license is confirmed.