Hi! My name is David Smith, nice to (digitally) meet you! Thankyou for taking the time to visit USE THIS MUSIC and to be reading this, the first in a series of blog posts on the website.

Future blog posts will showcase success stories of artists, musicians and composers whose music has been placed on TV, films, adverts and games … as well as discussions, advice and thoughts on topics around the music industry, plus interviews with artists and contacts working within different medias.


For this debut post however, I thought it would be an idea to just quickly introduce myself, to give an insight into my background and to highlight the idea behind the USE THIS MUSIC music sync placement website.

I have played mainly guitar, trombone and piano for upwards of 25+ years now and still perform in rock, folk, pop and brass bands. I teach music in a number of educational settings and also sit on the board of the local music education hub that represents and implements music education across the county.


USE THIS MUSIC .com has very much been built by musicians, for musicians!

Graduating Newcastle University with a Masters degree in Popular & Contemporary Music, I continued to write and perform in a pop-rock band, enjoying some commercial success and toured many times across the UK/EU. Following this, I founded a music publishing / label / management company from which I still enjoy promoting and networking artists through the weird and wonderful world of the music industry over a decade later!


The experience and the contacts nurtured from continuously enjoying to work within the music industry has been the foundation in building the USE THIS MUSIC synchronisation website … to help artists, musicians and composers place their music on TV, films, adverts and games via a network of music supervisor and sync agents actively looking for music to use on these briefs.

Feel free to reach out to me via email, whatsapp or any of the social media channels should you have any questions … and if you’re able to “Follow” USE THIS MUSIC on any of the social media platforms please do, as I’ll be constantly updating them with the most recent project briefs which are looking for music to use on TV, films, adverts and games.

I look forward to hearing from you within our community of artists, musicians, composers, sync agents and music supervisors, here at USE THIS MUSIC.